Three Crown Draw


So guys, I was playing Clash Royale the other day and got in a Three Crown Draw! Yes you read that right, THREE (3). I was taking my usual troop comp which includes; Dragon, Witch, Skeletons etc. This guy had Hog riders and I thought, Well that will be the end of this battle. However I kept going because you never know in this game. He initially managed to get my left crown towerkinda took a morale hit there. I somehow kept going and managed to demolish his left tower with my Baby dragon and the crusty old Witch. Then it happened! He was attacking me, taking my king tower down, and I was attacking him with the skeleton army now supporting my old lady and the dragon. I was biting my nails extra hard and was tapping away at my giant ipad pro screen like a maniac to try to put more troops in. However that proved useful as I got 3 Crownedto my surprise it seems he also got 3 crownedAT THE SAME FREAKING TIME!

See it for yourself on my YouTube Channel.

-Mr. P

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