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Arena 3 Barbarian Bowl: Battle Deck

As we near the global launch of Clash Royale, I think everyone will be wondering what is the best Clash Royale strategy at their arena level (trophy count). So here is a break down of my deck and an explanation as to why I use them. This deck can be used at Arena 3 -4??however it is possible to follow the logic and substitute certain cards to achieve similar amount of success. ??You can also check out the youtube video accompanying the article for more visual explanation and to see the deck in action. (TBA)


Baby Dragon

Air Tank and Area splash Damage card. Useful in soaking up damage and defending against the weak damage group cards (aka Goblins and Skeletons).

Use this card as a cover for more DPS cards??such as the Witch, Spear Goblins, Minions etc.

I use this class mostly for leading offensive attacks however it could also be used as a??defense??when rushed with weak cards such as skeletons, goblins, etc



Range damage and spawns Skeletons. Witch is a great card for dealing with weak hoards of goblins and skeletons. Her attacks as a splash sort of nature and tend to quickly get rid of your goblin issue.

Use this card as a damage support for your higher hit point cards (baby dragons, barbarians, etc).

I deploy??this card??immediately following deployment of baby dragons to shield her against the enemy towers and defence while taking advantage of her ranged attack and skeletons (the longer she lives, the better).



The Barbarian is another Tank/damage soaking card that works great when enemy deploys a ranged single target damage class (such as the Musketeer) that will quickly eat away at your dragon.

Since this card spawns 4 high hit point, decent damage dealing warriors it can help your weaker damage cards to do their job more effectively.

Deploy this card first and follow it up immediately (maybe 2 seconds apart)with ??Spear goblins and Minions to maximize your chance of taking down a tower. Works best as a counter attack.


Spear Goblins

Weak armored, fast, ranged and a highly effective damage card. When paired with damage soaking front-runner card such as the Baby dragon or Barbarian it will obliterate enemy towers. As an added bonus it will deal with any ground or air defense that your opponent deploys.

Use behind a high hit point card to maximize the effect. Also great to deploy right behind the towers as ranged defense when under attack.

I usually pair this card with Baby dragon-Witch combo or pair it with Barbarian-Minion combo to maximize damage.


Skeleton Army

Horde of Skeletons. Weak, good defense and offence (squishy). Best deployed to mob a big tank like the Giant, or the Giant Skeleton. Can also be used a defense against the Prince. Any Area Splash Damage, like the Baby Dragon, kills off like 5 at a time so they arent the greatest defense for him. The Arrows card is probably the biggest rival, as they all die instantly.

They are also good to use to rush enemy towers when the opponent is out of Elixir.??In terms of reaching the towers, they??are pretty slow and the tower defense kills one off with one shot, so maybe about 5 skeletons will reach their target.



Basically the perfect anti-Skeleton army/Goblin mob card. Also a great finisher card for a near-dead enemy tower.



Your follow-up damage card (air attack). Can be used in event of the enemy Goblin mob approach, also against Giants high hit-point ground attack cards.



Anti-Dragon card.

Deploy behind the towers (at a distance from the enemy tank) for the best effect. This is also a good follow-up after a damage-soaking card (like Giants, Dragons, Giant skeletons, etc)

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