How to Win Every Battle with Prince, Clash Royale


Do you have the Prince Card unlocked? If not come back when you have unlocked it.

Here is how you utilize the Prince to win at arena 0-3 battles.




  • Pick a side of the arena (usually the side your opponent is deploying his troops)
  • Start off with low cost squishy cards (Ex: Goblins, Archers, Etc)

A??key point: Place the Prince on the opposite side of the side where you placed your troops initially. You want to place the Prince as close to the river crossing as possible.

Another key point??is the Prince deployment timing. You dont want the enemy to put down Goblin packs or worse Skeleton Army. These will send your Prince straight to the grave. So make sure at the time of deploying the Prince your opponent is at 0-3 Elixir.

Check out the Example I uploaded below.

You can do this by remembering how much each card roughly costs (ex: if the enemy put down the Witch and a group of Barbarians, then 5+5 = 10 so you know for sure he is out).

Once you get one of the towers down, I tend to sit and wait with a hand consisting of a Giant and another Prince. Use the other small cards to defend.

Once you see an opening (keep in mind one enemy tower is down) place your Giant close to middle so it goes towards the remaining sister towers.

Now quickly place your Prince toward the edge of the arena on the side that you took the tower out on.

What this will do is force his troops to attack your Giant (which will live long enough), giving your Prince the opportunity to take down the king tower.

It will be a good idea to put some range support (Spear Goblins are your best bet, since they are fast) near your Prince if he is still level 1. This ensures the king tower goes down fast before your Prince??get killed.


Tip #1

Use the Bomber whenever a large group of low cost troops are heading towards your towers.??

Ex: Goblins, Skeletons, etc

Tip #2

Use the Fireball card to deal with any enemies that are pooling up near your towers.??

Also you can use it to finish off a tower.

Tip #3

Use the Skeleton Army to deal with Giants and the enemy Prince.

Tip #4

Try to keep your troop placements somewhat apart to avoid area splash damage which results in instant group kills.


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